Monday, September 29, 2008

Man4man on Craigslist

This comes from the man 4 man section of Craigslist:

Tue nite bowling - m4m
“Hey not sure if you see this or not. I know some of the guys on the league say you have a b/f which is cool. I just thought I would tell you I think your hot. Sometime we get to bowl next to each other. Must say last week you had shorts on showing of your caffs My God you have some powerful legs. And hey I like my guys with some meet on them, love the goatee. See you on Tues... mmmmmm”

Well, if this doesn't get the guy interested I ‘m quite sure the “mmmmmmmm” will seal the deal. I believe he might think,
“This guy sound like a creepy internets stocker. But the “MMMMMMMMM” seams so sincere.”
The last time a guy said to me "I like guys with some meat on them" He got jabbed in the eye with a hot french fry.

I also found:

u took my shoes at nordstroms on tuesday - m4m
"What happened to our coffee date? Is that yr husband or boyfriend u left with? I waited for u? Eve if he's yrs, wanna meet? Yr hot and I want u! Please respond and let me know. I can be discreet and he doesn't need to know :) "

Not pathetic, not sad. A new level, called Pathedisad. I like to deperateely throw myself at someone then end with :)


Michael said...

Oh you gotta love Craigslist.

Kezza said...

It's quite simple really, the :) at the end proves that he isn't a sad, sad little man with stalker-ish tendencies and that he is a lovely, decent fellow. Honestly, it does, sickos don't ever use :) they're more inclined to go with =oP or something.

As for the "I like my guys with some meet on them" clearly this guy would just like to meet some people, he's obviously quite lonely, I mean with people skills like that wouldn't you be lonely too?

Anonymous said...

Maybe :) is the new hit me back...fc

Anonymous said...

Fry to the eye... ow!