Friday, September 26, 2008


I realize that you may lose track of all the characters in my blog. And, you may want to start collecting the action figures. So, here’s a list of some main characters and their back-stories.

Me, StevieB. I live in Denver, Colorado, USA. I love Denver, the mountains the non-stop traffic jams, I also love constantly whining about how much I miss the hip, cool factor of a big city. I’ve also lived in San Diego, and the Gay Ghettos of Dallas and Houston Texas. There’s still a lot of Texas in me. My days are spent being a cubical ninja, my nights are spent trying to make Fuzzy laugh. I drive around with the top off of my Jeep, click away on my IPod, read DC comics, and spend every dime taking gay cruises.

Fuzzy. My anatomically correct boy/manfriend/partner. Also the guy I’m head over heels in love with. He’s a former IML finalist. Muscle head composer/musician. He rides a cruiser and writes music. Man, I love this guy, all muscle and cuteness.

Dalton. Now technically he’s my ex. But, I feel that our relationship didn’t end. It just grew up. I now consider him my closest friend. He lives in NY or Brooklyn precisely. We met and lived together in Dallas. He introduced me to Hamlet, monogamy and Gilotto.

Carl, or BFFCarl. He’s a Texas boy through and through. He’s the definition of a “Renaissance man” you hear about but rarely see. He's the one guy that'll rearrange your furniture to make the living room finally work.

Frank, or IGfrank. He hosts Thanksgiving and keeps me informed about the latest trends in Gourmet magazine and BMB. He makes sure I show up for the gay, bear, leather, white or circuit cruises/parties on time and not to hung over.

I hope this will help you follow who’s who on the big gay blog. If you’re interested in the poseable action figures there is special attachments included. Carl comes with his Carl Dream House while Dalton has “Kung Fu grip.”


bigboy80205 said...

I am feeling so sally fields at this moment.... you like me - you really like me.... well - I am glad someone

Michael said...

Thanks for the where are their blogs!!!!!!

Freddyeyes said...

I've decided we need to make me more of a character too! lol Therefore we're hanging out more!

Kezza said...

These poseable actions figures you mentioned, are they fully poseable? By which, of course, I mean anatonically correct, somewhat erect and fully poseable, or are they like GI Joe with plastic underwear firmly in place, coz if they're like my good mate Joe I don't want em, but if I can pose them in my ultimate fantasy orgy then send me the entire set!

erik said...

Well, I have an Inaction Figure. So there.