Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fear = Grammatical Errors

Today sitting in traffic I saw my first McCain bumper sticker. Not really surprised that it was on a Toyota V8 SUV. It then proceeded to cut off two cars to jockey into a better lane. I then saw a Ford Bronco that had shoe polish on its back window that read “Obama = Auntie Christ” Auntie? Auntie? What’s an Auntie Christ? I had an Auntie Christine but what does she have to do with Obama?

Fear = Grammatical errors!

Why does the right love fear so damn much?


Kezza said...

Auntie Christ? I never new Jesus harboured tranny fantasies, nice. Suck on that all you idiodic god-botherers!

Anonymous said...

I find the image of an Auntie Christ to be a comforting one, actually.