Thursday, September 18, 2008


BFF Carl and I were going through all the media sites trying to find information about Houston after Ike came-a-calling. He’s parents live on the north side but did not receive any damage. We were also trying to find out any information we could about Port Arthur, Texas. This is the home town of my Ex Dalton. He lives in NY but we really wanted to find some bit of information on the status of his family’s town. It seemed that every news source was concentrated on Galveston. Both Carl and I love Galveston and have been there numerous times, but it seemed a little over kill. We spent hours trying to get any information on Port Arthur or any other towns north of Galveston up to Louisiana. It seemed to be a mini version of Katrina when all the media cared about was New Orleans and not the rest of Louisiana. We did however run across some great pictures of the aftermath. One that Carl entitled: Fish Fence.

That’s one mad fish.

My favorite was from a story where a guy was going back to check on his house. His Jeep quickly became waterlogged. This is why you have a breather/snorkel on your jeep. But, he’s totally smoking hot. So he's now called the dumb but hot jeep guy. Woof, dummy.


Greg said...

A few years ago, my folks found fish in their driveway after a huge storm in southern CA. The wind picked them up from the lake about a mile away.

Now if the wind could pick up Jeep Guy and toss him into my yard, well....

Kezza said...

I'd like to come home to fish-fence everyday. Tasty - pissed off fish are the best for sure.

Hot jeep guy is doing alright, you know it only takes an I.Q. of three to grunt... Woof indeed!

Gooster said...

Ok, that guy IS hot, but that is how it goes for us Jeep boys! LOL!

That fish is stuck in the fence just waiting for some good luvin!

Freddyeyes said...

So if hot naked jeep guy walked up to the fish fence while it was under water he'd possible get a secret fish BJ! I'm just saying! He IS hot!