Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well, Labor Day went fine. Why is it that you can work for hours at someone else’s house but the “To do” list never gets done at your own house? I tried to work from home on Friday, it went pretty well. Since I was home “working” I decided I could tackle some of the mounting tasks on the StevieDo list. Like holding down the “Super-Squishy Elle Shaped Sofa of Love” and vacuuming out its crevices. I had to question my ability to work from home when I found myself screaming down the stairs
“If ya don’t know how to use the cord re-winder thingy on the vacuum, then don’t use the vacuum!!”
I take my vacuum very seriously. Fuzzy responded,
“Uh…No please no.”

I ran into every single (Denver based) ex-boyfriend at The Eagle LaborDay blowout. They, as a collective had gotten extremely fat. Not phat, fat. Even the muscle heads had bloated. As you can guess, it was a GREAT night. At this point we won’t mention that I’ve gone from 34 Levis to 36. Maybe more.


Anonymous said...

Oompa Loompa Boopity do.... fc

Kezza said...

Vacuuming is not a task to be taken lightly at all, you are right to defend the rights of your vacuum cleaner, every homo should!

As for coming across a fat colective of ex-boyfriends, is there any better feeling in the world? Of course, as for you, going from a 34 up to a 36 is all just muscle though, right?

Anonymous said...

Yes - I can attest - the 34-36 is totally due to stevies muscle gain......cn

Freddyeyes said...

Muscle Gain.... I wish that was my problem! HAHAH!

The cord re wind thingy though???? LOL WOW!