Thursday, September 25, 2008

Now that I’ve got such a snazzy new IPhone it’s time to ACCESSORIZE!

Since my Jeep is a 01 it doesn’t have the snazzy 3mm hole to plug in my IPod. This means I have to use a FM modulator to jam out to my IPod/phone. I had an old style connector that Dalton and I had bought to move him to NY, and since I was waiting to get a new IPhone I’d drop the 90 bucks and get a new charger/transmitter. The first time I get into the Jeep with the IPhone, I get a little pop up. “This accessory is not made for this IPhone. You’ve wasted 90 bucks. You loser.” It said that right on the screen. “You Loser.”

The new IPhones have a “better way of charging” and you need to buy a charger specially built just for them. GREAT! Another 90 bucks I gotta shell out. Fine! Anyone want a month old IPod charger?

I would also like to take my new friend with me to the gym. I would like to show off my superiority to folks that have not shelled out a heap of cash and are getting by with 1 year old technology. To do this I wanted an armband. I was just about ready to by one on when I noticed that the armband is only 15” around. But my arms are way huger-er-er. So I’m pissed that I can’t get an armband, but all giggly inside because of the reason. I know what you’re saying.
“Buy a DAMN belt clip and shut the fuck up, Steve!”
Well…. That’s rude, it is my blog after all.

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Freddyeyes said...

Effing Rude Pushy Demaning Biotches! Sheesh! Hey... I like yer arms!