Thursday, September 4, 2008


It turned colder this week in Denver. It feels amazing to get the heat gone for awhile. The highs are in the 70s and I know this due to my sexy new Iphone. It tells me what the temperature is and if the traffic is bad on I-25. I can read this while sitting in traffic with the window open. Technology.

The dog turned to me last night and said.
“Stevie are you ever going to put down that phone and pet me? I need a good lovin.”
I kind of paused realizing that he was right.
“Come on, one little scratch and then you can go back to your toy.”
So for just a little bit it was just me and the dog.
Then he tried to grab it to chew it to shreds. Damn dog.


Michael said...

Wait...this is the FIRST iPhone post...that it gives you the weather....come on we've been waiting for so long and this is the payoff?

don't make me stop this internet and come out there!

Anonymous said...

heat gone good.... cn

Kezza said...

Ah, the impending joy of a Denver winter... Enjoy that now won't you. By the way your summers there are kick-arse, but at least you now have your geek-fest iPhone to tell you what the weather is like, in case you're too lazy to go outside and check for yourself. Speaking of iPhones, have you run around and photographed everything that moves with it, checked your stocks (who has stocks?) viewed you tube videos and tried to insert it anywhere inappropriate yet? I sure hope the wait was worth it!

Anonymous said...

I hear Sha-peis LOVE the taste of iPhones more then Beggin' strips.