Friday, September 19, 2008


As part of being in a relationship and living in sin you must take care of domestic duties. I hate pretty much any of these duties but for vacuuming and setting up and maintaining all electronic devices. Or really anything that beeps and/or flashes in the house. I have systematically put Fuzzy in charge of everything else. I see nothing wrong with this. Last night was they “Monthly Shopping” for all the major items we need. When I get down to eating peanut butter off of a playing card I think “Huh, where would I get bread?” Fuzz on the other hand is not happy unless there are three types of green beans in the “Pantry” (he calls it.) We must have at all times six different cuts of beef in the freezer. To which I think “Isn’t that why we have Taco Bell and Taco Johns? For variety, and if they get old there’s Del Taco.

So last night I got dragged to the Kroger, to go Krogering. In Denver they’re called King Soopers, but that’s just a stupid name they’ll always be Kroger to me, based on my Texas days. Soon we were in the meat department to spend what seemed to be 2 hours looking for the “best bargain.” Quickly I felt that I was trapped and tormented by my Homosexual Lover. That’s when I found the pork loin. Creepy looking and tasty, so I proceeded to chase Fuzzy around the department with it.

To make up for shoving uncooked meet at him I gave him a lovely bouquet of Jello.


Howard said...

What? I LOVE setting up the electronics.

Oooo, that's why Cameron made me do it when we moved in a couple of weeks ago.

I've been used!

Fun pictures.

Dead Robot said...

Ive seen that meat on banned sites.

Ironically the Word Verification for my comment is "kocka"

Michael said...

A j-ello bouget, you're so sweet!

emeraldcityguy said...

I think Bryan would have to eat peanut butter off a playing card as well before he even thought about where bread comes from. It's a major negotiation to get him to go to the store with me and when he does it's just fucking painful for both of us.

Kezza said...

Hang on a minute, You make it sound like eating peanut butter off a playing card is bad for you, but it's actually a great source of much needed fibre and essential inks!

I never knew pork loin looked so damn fun. I must stop in at the supermarket and get me some of that on the way home tonight, ooh and a bouquet of jello. I mean honestly how do you Americans come up with this stuff. Aussie supermarkets don't have anything that fun in them!

In other enthralling news I've actually stepped foot inside King Soopers in the past! It was terribly exciting too let me tell you! The store itself was actually the size of the town that I grew up in... Aaaah, the joys of excess.

erik said...

Mmm, pork loin!

Kelly said...

I love Krogering...welll, I do not like the Kroger I have to go to now because we moved... it sucks... but is the closest store... hmmm... pork... hmmm

Freddyeyes said...

I love Krogering also and I really love being in the store with both of you so I'm sure this was a highlight!